BASICS Scotland Responders App – Download & Installation

Installing the App

Thank you for your application. You are now free to install the BASICS Responder App on your device.

To begin installing the app please go to the following link using a web browser on the device you wish to install the app on.

BASICS Scotland Responders App

( )

You will see the following screen

BASICS Scotland Responders App download page

Tap on the link to download the version of the app that matches your device.


When you tap on the link you will be presented with the following screen

App install screen

Tap on install to begin installing the app then close the web browser.

Depending on your chosen operating system, the app will begin installing. For Android versions you may need to tap on the notifications section to begin the installation.

Once the app is installed tap on the BASICS icon to open the app

IOS version displayed below for reference only

BASICS Scotland Responders App

This step is for iOS versions only

New security measures included in iOS9 require you to manually trust an enterprise based app which isn't downloaded through the App Store.

When you first open the app you may be presented with the following screen

Trust app

To trust the app you need to go to your devices –




Select BASICS Scotland under the Enterprise app

tap the trust button


Once you have completed these steps you can open the app and proceed to the next step.


When you open the app for the first time you will be presented with the following screen.

Request access to use app

Tap the request access button to send BASICS Scotland an email containing your devices unique ID.

Please ensure you include your name along with the type of device you are installing the app on.

You will need to manually enter this information on the email that is generated by the app.

The email will look something like this (device ID obscured for security reasons)

request access email

Once you have entered your name and device details tap on send. This will send and email to BASICS Scotland which we will cross reference to ensure you are eligible for access to the app and your device ID will then be added to our approved list of users devices.

Once this has been done, we will send you an email confirming that you now have full access to the app.