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Welcome to the Cardiac Skills day pre-course content!

The material found within this online course will prepare you for the Cardiac Skills day which may take place as part of a Portfolio Event in your local area. If you are yet to book onto a Cardiac Skills day, please go to the BASICS Scotland online shop and have a look at upcoming events available for booking!

Please work through this course each lesson at a time and make sure to “Mark Complete” each section by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Some lessons contain sub-sections called topics – make sure to complete these too before moving onto the next section. As you progress through the lessons the “My Progress” indicator will fill and each section will be marked with a green dot. Once you have completed the course you will be taken to a success page that confirms you are ready to attend the Skills day.

After attending the Cardiac Skills day, please remember to return to the E-learning site and complete the feedback form in order to get your badge!

If you have any difficulty navigating this course or you would like to report missing or incorrect information please let us know by contacting