The phased release of the trauma module marks the start of a new era in knowledge and skills development of pre-hospital care providers in Scotland. Recognising the challenges in accessing educational material for remote and rural practitioners, BASICS Scotland plans to develop remote learning materials to support the continuing professional development and maintenance of skills for Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics working to serve the people of Scotland.

The online educational material will be released over the next few months. This phased release, like all IT projects, is to provide balance between the functionality and testing against the consultation and development with you the end user.

Phase 1 – Initial materials and structure to support the portfolio events and skills days
Phase 2 – Development and release of new video material, interactive training functionality and further study materials. This work will be underpinned using a “continuous improvement cycle approach,” to the training needs analysis based on feedback.
Phase 3 – The piloting and development of materials using new technologies. Those being developed at the moment include augmented and virtual reality.
The knowledge and skills development can be further maximised with many different supporting opportunities.