BASICS Scotland Responder

The moments before contact with our patients can often be forgotten about. However, it is a golden time where you can prepare with the aim of optimising patient care. These moments can be structured to ready yourself, the team and where possible, your environment.


Iain Craighead – A Responders Perspective

Iain Craighead

In this podcast Iain Craighead gives the benefit of his experience as a BASICS Scotland Responder.

He stresses the importance of getting to know your Sandpiper bag and equipment inside out, as well the benefits of building a strong relationship with your local ambulance colleagues.

Iain also urges patience with gaining experience as a Responder and becoming a really valuable local emergency resource.

Key points from this podcast:
  • Know your kit inside out
  • Get to know your local ambulance colleagues and work closely with them
  • Stick with it!  Be patient and take time to gain the experience!

Listen to Iain’s podcast below.

Iain Craighead - A Responders Perspective

Eric Pirie – Prolonged Care in the Field

Eric PirieAs a longstanding member of Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team, Eric Pirie talks through the issues arising from rescues that are protracted, and particularly focuses on prolonged care in the field, which may not be particularly familiar to BASICS Scotland Responders, but occurs fairly regularly in Mountain Rescue.


Key points from this podcast:
  • Think about carrying and using a bothy bag (group shelter) to help protect your patient from the environment.
  • Carry a head torch, a really useful piece of equipment
  • Look after yourself by popping snacks into your pockets so that you can refuel on the go
Resources related to this podcast:

St Emlyns Blog for the H.I.T.M.A.N mnemonic and other useful info.  – A useful website, very military in nature, excellent principles.

SHEEPVOMIT nursing mnemonic described in the NSOCM Manual (NATO Special Operations Combat Medic) Course run by the ISTC SOF – International Special Training Center

Listen to Eric’s podcast below.

Eric Pirie - Prolonged Care in the Field