BASICS Scotland provide two types of Tele-education courses: Paediatric and Adult Emergency Medical Care. 

These courses are primarily for doctors, nurses & paramedics delivering care in the pre-hospital environment.​

Dr Karyn Webster delivers a session of Tele-education to a live audience

New evidence based topics are delivered by weekly 1 hour sessions over 9 weeks for the Paediatric course and 10 weeks for the Adult course. These are presented live through our internet based video conference system using Adobe Connect which can be accessed anywhere in the world via computer with an internet connection and up-to-date web browser with the latest Flash Player plugin installed.

Can’t make the live sessions? Don’t worry. Each live session is recorded and made available on our E-learning website along with supporting materials so you can view them in your own time.

Topics delivered in the Paediatric course include:

  • Child with Fever
  • Meningitis
  • Asthma
  • Epiglottitis & Croup
  • Seizures; Head Injury
  • Allergy and Anaphylaxis
  • Gastroenteritis and Dehydration
  • Pain Relief
  • LRTI and Pneumonia

The Adult course covers topics such as:

  • Allergy & Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • LVF – Adult Pneumonia
  • Stroke & TIA
  • Chest Pain & Thrombolysis
  • Head Injury
  • ENT Emergencies
  • Wounds
  • Burns & Tetanus
  • Pain Relief
  • Seizures

Participants can interact with the host and ask questions in real time.

Feedback from previous courses:

“I picked up lots of useful tips, particularly regarding the range of drugs that I should consider using in a remote pre-hospital environment and the management of wounds and minor injuries.”

“Excellent course, loved been able to do it online, like structure of a topic each, 2 week break worked well. I enjoyed that the sessions were interactive, learned lots of useful information, thank you.”

“A very useful course that has increased my confidence in emergency situations.”

Introduction on Adobe Connect and how it works

A short video introducing what Adobe connect is and how to use it for BASICS Scotland courses and meetings. Watching this recording is a good test to ensure you are able to watch the recordings made during this course. Click here to access the video.