BASICS Scotland launch new educational project with the support of The Sandpiper Trust

Originally posted: 11/01/2013

BASICS Scotland is pleased to launch an exciting new teaching project with the support of The Sandpiper Trust. The new tele-education Immediate Medical Care (IMC) course aims to update rural health professional’s skills as well as knowledge.  

Course participants have been provided with a Sandpiper Pod, which includes an airway head and additional training equipment. The funding for the equipment pods has been donated by The Sandpiper Trust.  BASICS Scotland is aiming to teach skills such as helmet removal and airway management via video conferencing. The 10 week course started on Thursday 10th January and will conclude with an interactive simulated scenario of a car crash with casualties.

It is hoped that this interactive course will open up new training opportunities to remote and rural health professionals all over Scotland.

Watch this space for more information on many other exciting projects in the pipeline!