BASICS Scotland Podcasts Page Now Live

We are excited to present our BASICS Scotland Podcasts page which is now live.

The podcasts are available free to anyone and includes 2 episodes at launch with more being released weekly. New podcasts will be available to listen to from 12.00pm every Monday.

Launch podcasts are:

Chris Morrison

Chris Morrison – SORT

Peter Lorrain-Smith

Peter Lorrain-Smith – Police Scotland







Where to find the podcasts:

You will find Podcasts in the main menu of the BASICS Scotland Website (circled in red in the image below).
BASICS Scotland Podcasts

On the podcasts page you have a few options:

To quickly access and play the latest podcasts access them through the “Latest Podcasts” section at the top right when viewing the page on a desktop computer or scroll to the bottom of the page when viewing on a mobile device.
Latest Podcasts

You can find out more about current and future podcasters by having a look at the “Our Podcasters” section.
Our Podcasters

This section includes the podcasters bio, key information taken from their podcast and any relevant links to external resources related to their podcast.
Podcasters Page

The last section to be aware of on the Podcasts page are our podcast playlists, broken down into series (this is the quick way for you to access podcasts specific to an area that is of interest to you). Once podcasts are released they will appear in the playlist for the relevant section.
Podcast Series

We hope you enjoy our series of podcasts and
make sure you come back to the page weekly to listen to our latest release