International Women’s Day – Catrina Hewitt

Name: Catrina Hewitt

Job Title: GP

Role within BASICS Scotland: Clinical Educator / Instructor / Responder

Area of Scotland you work in: Perthshire




What made you want to work in the world of medicine?

I watched too many TV programs like Peak Practice and Dr Finlay’s Casebook!

I wanted a vocation, as opposed to doing a degree and not knowing where I would end up. I had decided I wanted a challenging career, where I felt valued and would be able to make a bit of a difference. 

What advice would you have to other girls/women who want to work in medicine?

Go for it! You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. 

What is your best memory from the training?

Loads of memories from Med school. It’s all changed now – no overhead projectors, copying down screeds of notes anymore. I loved the practical work, the ward rounds, clinics and general practice – actually getting to meet patients! 

What’s the best bit about your role?

In my Basics role, I love going away and teaching. The candidates on the courses are there because they want to be, which makes teaching so much more fun. We always have great craic with our Basics family on the courses. 

Building up relationships with my patients, they trust me and can talk to me about all sorts of issues. I love being able to give them a bit of time, to talk through their problems. 

What’s your favourite thing about your typical day?

I try to start the day at work with a run to clear my head and set me up, the scenery around Perthshire is amazing. The best bit about the day at work is the teamwork. We have an amazing group of staff, all very supportive, and great banter. 

What do you love about your job?

I love my team, my location, my patients (most of them). The variety is great in general practice. I love getting to know my patients, their families and work with them – I’ve been in the practice 14 years ago now, and still get a fright when someone I remember as a small child answers the phone and their voice has broken   

Knowing that you have made a difference to someone, picked up a diagnosis or helped them through a difficult time. 

Being a GP is a privilege, you get to spend time with people at the most vulnerable times of their lives 

What are the 3 biggest non-clinical skills that you use in your day job?


Hugs ( when we are allowed)

Currently telephone skills!

Are you a BASICS Responder, if yes what is the best bit about responding?


Being able to work as a team to get the best outcome for the casualty. Being able to treat, and reassure someone when they are terrified and injured 

What made you become a BASICS Responder?  

I was passionate about pre-hospital care, and the BASICS ethos. Working and living in a fairly rural area I felt it was important for my patients and community to be able to be treated quickly