International Women’s Day – Lisa Macinnes

Name: Lisa Macinnes

Job Title: Director of Education. Basics Scotland

Role within BASICS Scotland: Educational Consultancy

Area of Scotland you work in: National/Edinburgh





What made you want to work in the world of medicine?

I ultimately wanted to care and help ease suffering, as cliche as that often sounds. I’m still driven by those values today. Much has changed since I trained but much has remained the same. We are all human and all need care and support from others. I love that I can do that as my day job.

What advice would you have to other girls/women who want to work in medicine?

Stand on the shoulders of the women who have gone before you, live your dream to the fullest and carve a path for those who will come after you, so that they may also stand on your shoulders in the future.

What is your best memory from the training?

The first time I ‘heard’ a blood pressure!! (good old days of mercury Scale and stethoscopes). No really, the most memorable aspect was the great mentorship of amazing women and men and having the opportunity to learn in a University who were research active and holistic in their approach to education and training.

What’s the best bit about your role?

I love getting to work and sit alongside people from such a broad range of backgrounds and job roles. Many board rooms in the resuscitation world can be lacking in diversity but things are changing and that’s exciting to be part of. Working together we make differences for folks living in Scotland and help save lives.

What’s your favourite thing about your typical day?

The variety and opportunity to flex and find new ways of working, forming new partnerships – and

coffee! 🙂

What do you love about your job?

I have the opportunity to work with a wide group of amazing people to be part of making a difference to those who need emergency care in Scotland whether they are in an urban or rural area. Every bit of what the team does is part of the bigger picture that educates, trains and delivers care when and where it matters most. Every part of what we do is essential to making the bigger system tick. Who could not love that!

What are the 3 biggest non-clinical skills that you use in your day job?

A most challenging bit about your job?

Knowing when to switch off and boundary time to recharge. It’s taken me years to learn and some wise folks to help me recognise that downtime makes me a better person at work.