International Women’s Day – Lorna Duff

Name: Lorna Duff

Job Title: General Manager

Role within BASICS Scotland: As above

Area of Scotland you work in: Allover



What made you want to get involved with the work of BASICS Scotland?

I was lucky enough to work in collaboration with BASICS Scotland when in my role at The Sandpiper Trust so I jumped at the chance to work for BASICS Scotland when the situation arose.

What advice would you have to other girls / women who want to work the volunteer responder field?

We’re here to support you and help you become a BASICS Scotland responder. We’re adapting the process for becoming a responder so that you can get to meet the team who will support you before you come on board and I hope that we can then answer all of your questions and support you in your aim to become a BASICS Scotland responder.

What is your best memory from BASICS Scotland?

We’ve had a very challenging year (as have most people and charities) but we have pulled together as a team and tried new methods of educational delivery in the absence of face to face teaching. I’m really proud to be part of such a small team that has pulled together and done some great development work.

What’s the best bit about your role with BASICS Scotland?

I get to work with a great small core team, but also to work with the BASICS Scotland board, the trustees of The Sandpiper Trust, and the wider community of BASICS Scotland instructors and responders. I also get to collaborate with SAS, SRMC, NES, and many other groups working within the field of remote and rural medicine and pre-hospital care.

There is huge energy and passion within this field of clinical work and I’m really lucky to be part of it every day at work.

What’s your favourite thing about your typical day?

My favourite thing is that there’s no typical day! There’s a lot of juggling just now with new initiatives, lessons learned from a difficult year, but a real sense of developing strategies for the future that will support our responders and develop our educational resources to meet the needs of a diverse group of clinical learners.

What do you love about your job?

The diverse nature of it! I love being part of a community that is passionate about raising and maintaining standards in pre-hospital provision, and that looks at tackling health inequalities in remote and rural Scotland.

3 biggest skills that you use in your role with BASICS Scotland?



Being open-minded

A most challenging bit about your role with BASICS Scotland?

Juggling many balls between BASICS Scotland and The Sandpiper Trust, and sometimes feeling that I drop some of them! Trying to remember that you can still effect positive change, even if you’re definitely not Superwoman on a daily basis!