International Women’s Day – Lucy Powls

Name: Lucy Powls

Job Title: Educational Lead, SMMDP

Role within BASICS Scotland: Teaches maternity and neonatal emergencies

Area of Scotland you work in: Allover





What made you want to get involved with the work of BASICS Scotland?

In my role as Educational Lead for SMMDP, I facilitate and teach on courses for a variety of hospital-based practitioners so it seemed logical to extend our courses to BASICS Scotland’s Portfolio Project. Coming from a mainly hospital-based background myself, I have found it immensely rewarding running courses for pre-hospital care practitioners.

I was aware that the field of maternity and neonatal care can be scary for some practitioners who do not often deal with pregnant women and newborn babies and have enjoyed helping to alleviate some of that stress

Have gained so much knowledge of how healthcare differs all over Scotland

What advice would you have to other girls/women who want to work the volunteer responder field?

Go for it – it’s very rewarding and exciting!

What is your best memory from BASICS Scotland?

My best memory is from my first BASICS Scotland course on my own to the Island of Benbecula where I ran my course using the Mobile Skills Unit. It was a fabulous location and the people were so welcoming and put me at my ease straight away. After that I had no hesitation signing up for further courses.

What’s the best bit about your role with BASICS Scotland?

As someone who is asked to help out on an occasional basis due to my midwifery knowledge, I have always felt part of the team. Everyone is so enthusiastic and dedicated and it has been a wonderful team to be a part of. Being part of producing the podcasts was really exciting and enjoyable.

What’s your favourite thing about your typical day?

The fact that no two days are the same!

What do you love about your job?

I love meeting different practitioners from different roles from across Scotland. It has been fascinating learning about the different challenges everyone faces when caring for pregnant women and their families and it has been a privilege to provide some support in this area.

The fact that I get to travel across Scotland and have been lucky to teach in a wide variety of places. Travelling to the more remote islands and Highland places has been a particular highlight of working with BASICS Scotland.

3 biggest skills that you use in your role with BASICS Scotland?

Facilitation skills

Friendly approach to teaching

Midwifery knowledge and skills (over 37 years!!)

A most challenging bit about your role with BASICS Scotland?

Possibly travelling to unknown places – although it is usually OK when you get there as everyone has always been very welcoming

I am also aware that I don’t always have the answers to every question – but I generally know someone who does!