Aebhric O’Kelly – Prolonged field care in remote areas

Prolonged Care in the Field
Prolonged Care in the Field
Aebhric O'Kelly - Prolonged field care in remote areas

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Aebhric focuses on some aspects and some hints and tips for delivering prolonged field care in remote areas.

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Be. Here. Now. This is a survival technique from the book Deep Survival. It forces you to be in the moment and not be blinded by the stress of the situation. 
  • I always strive to be the dumbest person in the room. If I am in a room where I am the smartest person, I am in the wrong room. I need people around me who challenge me to be better. 
  • Always be hungry. Hungry for learning. Hungry to continually better yourself.
About Aebhric:

Aebhric is a former US Army Green Beret, a Psychologist and a board-certified Critical Care Paramedic. He is the dean for the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation which offers medical education programmes for the remote, austere and offshore industries. Aebhric taught on the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic course in Pfullendorf, Germany and taught Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) for the MoD. He has earned the Diploma Tropical Nursing from LSHTM and is currently writing a clinical doctorate from the University of Stirling. 

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