Aravindan Veiraiah – Toxicology In Overdose And Poisoning

Special Topics
Special Topics
Aravindan Veiraiah - Toxicology In Overdose And Poisoning
Today Aravindan discusses the best way to approach and treat patients who may be experiencing overdoses, poisonings and/or drug-related agitation


Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Use sodium bicarbonate more, if this is a drug you carry and is within your scope of practice, for sodium channel blocking drug overdoses.
  • Antidotes for the sedatives e.g. naloxone should only be used for protection of the airway and/or ventilation and a clear record of the reason for giving this antidote made.  If an antidote is used, give enough to protect from ventilation
  • National Poisons and Information service is always happy to be contacted for information, use toxbase as a good resource too.
Resources related to this podcast:

Toxbase Website:

Edinburgh Clinical Toxicology:

National Poisons Information Service:

About Aravindan

Arvind is a Consultant in Acute Medicine and Toxicology at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. In his toxicology role, he manages toxicology patients in a dedicated poisons ward and also reviews them in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care.

He also provides telephone advice on the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) and has an active role in editing TOXBASE, the online poisons information service of the NPIS.

He has been involved in collaboratively developing protocols and guidance for the management of agitated and poisoned patients in all of the above roles.

He also teaches about clinical pharmacology, toxicology and quality improvement. 


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