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Duncan Tripp - UK SAR

Duncan Tripp

In this podcast Duncan explains the role of Coastguard operations including the interaction with the Emergency Services and BASICS Scotland Responders.





Key points from this podcast:

  • Escalate early via trauma desk to the ARCC
  • Look at the online ISAR resource ahead of time
  • Follow up any jobs and feedback
About Duncan

Duncan spent 35 years in the RAF in various roles mainly as a Winchman Paramedic in the UK SAR Force. During this time he was a Qualified Helicopter Crewman Instructor and Winchman Training Officer responsible for the training and standards of UK SAR Winchman both in their operational and medical roles. As a member of the RAF Mountain Rescue Service he took part in various worldwide expeditions, some as Medical Director or Expedition Leader.

With the responsibility for the UK SAR Force transferring to the MCA in 2015, Duncan left the RAF and continues to operate as a Winchman Paramedic, Instructor trainer and Base Clinical Lead.

He has a long-standing involvement with BASICS Scotland going back to 1996. Duncan is the Vice-Chair of BASICS Scotland, an Instructor, Responder and a member of the Clinical Governance Working Group. He is married to a very tolerant and forgiving wife.

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