Ian Scott – Hypothermia & ECMO

Special Topics
Special Topics
Ian Scott - Hypothermia & ECMO

Ian Scott discusses Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and its role in hypothermia.  Ian looks at the severe end of hypothermia and the management and pathways for these patients.


Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Do the basics really well – good patient assessment, Good ALS
  • Think could this be hypothermia? If you think it is a consideration then early contact to the Special Services desk through ambulance control stating that you have a potential hypothermic patient which will elicit the support and help you need.
  • Don’t get disillusioned and don’t give up, keep up good quality resuscitation and the top-level support will help with the decisions.


Resources related to this podcast:

Combined Pre-Hospital PDF

Hypothermia Protocol Hospital PDF

About Ian

Ian is currently a critical care consultant and director of the respiratory ECMO service for Scotland. He is based in Aberdeen.  He became a consultant in 2015. He graduated from Dundee University and undertook most of his training in the North East of Scotland.  He has also spent time in the Brompton in London and worked for Sydney HEMS just after he finished his training.

Ian has an interest in pre-hospital care and also spent some time working for EMRS North. During his training, he became interested in using ECMO as a way to rewarm hypothermic patients.  He has had several near misses while winter climbing as a student.

Ian’s spare time is spent with his family. His 2 young daughters and my his understanding wife Kim. Ian also enjoys cycling and being in the mountains when time allows.



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