John-Paul Loughrey – Major Incidents Part 1

Special Topics
Special Topics
John-Paul Loughrey - Major Incidents Part 1

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JP Loughrey chats us through lots of points about major incidents in this series of podcasts 

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Communicate effectively, using a recognized framework for consistency (METHANE) 
  • Realistic Medicine is an accurate representation of what we should strive for, even in a Major Incident 
  • Practice, train, drill, tabletop – anything you can do to ensure you’ve looked at the plan and action cards and know the principles will help when the pressure (and stakes) are high.  

Twitter handle @Jploughrey 

Stephen pinker The better angels of our nature 

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National Ambulance Resilience Unit – Triage sieve 

NHS England – Clinical Guidelines for Major Incidents 

About John-Paul:

JP is a Consultant in EM in the QEUH Glasgow, and Retrieval Medicine with EMRS in the West of Scotland, with a particular interest in major incidents, As the ScotSTAR lead for Major Incident planning he has been involved in several large-scale incidents and training exercises. He keeps himself exceedingly busy, between his working life and his energetic young family!

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