Karyn Webster – Recognising and managing possible child abuse and children at risk

Karyn Webster - Recognising and managing possible child abuse and children at risk

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Karyn talks us through what constitutes child abuse and what we can do to assess and manage the situation.

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • If you think there is something wrong, think why  
  • Communicate these concerns early
  • Know your local procedures and pathways

National Guidance for child protection in Scotland 


Getting it right for every child 


About Karyn:

Dr Karyn Webster is a GP primarily; she works in Forth Valley Emergency Department as a Senior Specialist and is the current Forth Valley GP Out of Hours clinical lead. She also teaches regularly with Basics Scotland and has developed the Adult and Paediatric Tele-education program. 

In addition to this she is the current Chair for the Pre-hospital Paediatric Life Support Group run by ALSG and is a course director for both PHPLS and APLS. Passionate about education and support for our Pre-hospital providers.  

Her career started off in Grampian and quickly evolved into a mix of general practice and emergency medicine with an interest in remote and emergency care. Heavily involved in tele-medicine delivering healthcare to the remote areas of Grampian without the need for travel and later supporting Oil Rig platforms and Ship to Shore work.  

Her Twitter handle is @kittyabdn  

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