Les Gordon – Primary survey overview and practical considerations

Special Topics
Special Topics
Les Gordon - Primary survey overview and practical considerations

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Les chats us through some interesting aspects of the primary survey

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Most importantly when you are delivering the primary survey don’t get sidetracked to non-life-threatening issues
  • Make sure you document everything as thoroughly as you can
  • You have to play the hand you have been dealt, in the prehospital environment resources and environment can be limiting, do your best and remember the conditions are not optimal

Evolution and Development of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Protocol: A Historical Perspective 


The Birth of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) 


Battlefield Trauma Life Support: Its Use in the Resuscitation Department of 32 Field Hospital Dring the Gulf War 


ABC to <C>ABC: Redefining the Military Trauma Paradigm 


About Les:

Les Gordon is an experienced anaesthetist, whose special interest is in difficult airway management, and he instructs on the national Training in Emergency Airway Management course for this.  He started Mountain Rescue eleven years ago in the Lake District and has attended about 450 rescues.  His special interest is accidental hypothermia, about which he has published several papers, written chapters in two books, given presentations at National and International conferences, and has drawn up and regularly updates Mountain Rescue England & Wales Hypothermia protocols 


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