Lucy Powls – Normal birth and neonatal resus

Obstetric Emergencies
Obstetric Emergencies
Lucy Powls - Normal birth and neonatal resus

Lucy Powls describes the process of normal birth, including the mechanisms of labour. She then looks at newborn assessment and takes us through the neonatal resuscitation algorithm.


Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Remember in most cases, pregnancy and childbirth are normal physiological processes 
  • Try to keep calm as this will reassure the woman (she doesn’t need to know whether you have delivered a baby before!) 
  •  With newborn babies it is a respiratory issue – most babies will respond to simple A and B of resuscitation when done well 
Resources related to this podcast:

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About Lucy

Lucy is currently the Educational Lead for the Scottish Multiprofessional Maternity Development Programme (SMMDP)

Lucy qualified as a midwife in 1984 and has worked in a variety of clinical posts throughout the UK and joined SMMDP in June 2017.

SMMDP are part of NHS Education for Scotland and are Scotland’s leading provider of maternity and neonatal clinical skills training. SMMDP provide affordable, post-registration courses to any professional group who request training.

Lucy is married to Andrew and they have a daughter Samantha who is studying at Glasgow University. Lucy also has a greyhound called Indy, who keeps her fit and active whatever the weather.




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