Murdo Macauley – Why & how do we search – HM Coastguard Agency

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Murdo Macauley - Why & how do we search - HM Coastguard Agency

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Murdo explains the reason effective Search Management is vital when looking for missing people. Discussing the rational and some of the techniques behind the decisions that are made supported by in-depth research. Additionally  the role that BASICS and other medical responders may find themselves playing. 

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • People are often nearer their place last seen than the lay-person would think they are – put yourself in the casualties shoes
  • Missing persons are often time-critical incidents in terms of survivability, search IS an emergency – effective search is a meshing together of good command and control and detailed low-level search tactics.
  • Define the parameters of your search ASAP, always look for information to support your hypothesis – don’t be afraid to stop and re-evaluate.”

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About Les:

“I’m Murdo Macaulay and I’m the Coastal Operations Area Commander for Western Isles, Skye and Lochaber. My role is to lead the Coastguard Rescue Service in this area and, in conjunction with the rest of my small full-time team ensure that teams are trained and operationally ready to respond as HM Coastguard’s land-based response to those in distress on the coastal areas and also inland in support of other emergency services. I am an operational Search and Rescue practitioner and Coastguard Search Adviser, providing incident command and direction on scene as tasked. I hold the portfolio for the implementation of our revised Lost & Missing Persons procedures within the service.

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