Pam Barker and Duncan Mcdonald – How the SORT team handle Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives incidents

Pam Barker and Duncan Mcdonald - How the SORT team handle Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives incidents

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Pam and Duncan from SAS SORT team talk us through information on how to handle CBRNE  events and what the roles and responsibilities of the SORT and other teams play in these events, and what we can do if first on the scene.

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Use the steps 1,2,3 approach, uphill, uphill, scene safety, by looking after yourself you are  looking after the patients
  • Consider the remove, remove, remove approach
  • Tie in with the NARU tools as this keeps you up to date on chemicals and changes to them  and this will help with e.g. toxic triage


WIRELESS Information System for Emergency Responders;jsessionid=33A01B8B55E62338F7234504E1BE9BF4 

Remove, remove, remove 

National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) 

About Pam:

I joined the Ambulance Service as an Ambulance Technician and subsequently a Paramedic, working in a rural area in the South West of Scotland.  Working in this environment enabled me to develop my clinical and patient assessment skills in the pre-hospital environment.  During this time, I developed an interest in how the Ambulance Service approaches Major Incident Management and Command and Control at larger scale jobs.  It was this desire to become more efficient at managing a scene that motivated me to apply for a job with the Special Operational Response Team (SORT), based in the West of Scotland.  I have been a SORT Paramedic for three years, in which time I have had an extensive insight as to what is expected from a SORT Paramedic; gaining experience and training in various disciplines that SORT specialises in.  As part of Team Foxtrot, I am now a Training Lead where I continue to learn and train with the team to enable us to further our capabilities.  

About Duncan:

My name Duncan McDonald and I am currently a paramedic with the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) based in the west. 

I have been in the service for eight years now with six of them as a paramedic and nearly four of them with SORT in the west. Since joining SORT I have been fortunate enough to gain all qualifications both core disciplines expected of the SORT paramedic and voluntary disciplines such as Swift Water Rescue, Working at heights and confined space. 

During my time at SORT, I have been afforded the opportunity to career development and have been successful in attaining Instructor certificates in a couple of disciplines. I have been fortunate to be involved closely with the training department in the planning and delivery of our Induction Foundation Incident Response course (IFIR). This is the course that all new paramedics to SORT have to go through and pass to become qualified and able to work confidently within the teams. 

I am involved with the West of Scotland CPD group and see my future within training and development however at this time very much enjoy my role on my team delivering care to patients. 

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