Paul Savage – Check Card Medicine

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Paul Savage - Check Card Medicine

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Paul chats us through the theory behind using checklists in the prehospital environment, why it is an important cultural shift we should be moving to and how and why this method can reduce the pressure when you are operating under pressure. 

Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • Be robust, don’t be scares, don’t be scared to champion it and don’t be scared to defend it 
  • Try it, draw up your own check sheet and if you find it works for you, then champion it with your organisation
  • Don’t be scared to use it on scene and revise it as you go along to make it work and honed to the best version you can.

Twitter / Instagram : @saviourmedical 

Sample of the 7th ed RNLI-Check-Cards

About Paul:

Mr Paul Savage OBE BSc SRP – Managing Director Saviour Medical Ltd with a mixed portfolio.  

Paul walked into a Lifeboat station on his 17th birthday and never left, initially volunteering at Poole and now at Tower Lifeboat in London.  

With his interest in remote and maritime paramedical medicine, he joined the RNLI full time in 2005 as the Clinical Operations Manager and Head of Operational Medicine. He was responsible for the operational medical response of all of the UK and Eire’s Lifeboat crew, Lifeguards and Flood Response teams, as well as the architect and custodian of the Clinical Governance of the RNLI. He advised on all matters casualty care-related – from kit carried, casualty care course design to casualty-friendly boat design.  

For a complete step change of maritime medicine around the UK, Paul was awarded an OBE in December 2013.  

Since 2014 as a self-employed consultant, Paul has a mixed portfolio of pre-hospital medical-related work, including check card Based learning resources, Clinical Governance of HM Coastguard and University Lecturing.  

Paul is Chairman of the UK Search and Rescue Medical Group which shapes the future and direction of UK SAR medicine and is a member of the Main Advisory Board and the Training and Standards Board of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital care of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). He is also an instructor for specialist elite sections of the UK Military. 

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