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Paul Watson - Palliative Care

Paul Watson

Paul Watson, project lead for end of life care at the Scottish Ambulance Service talks about how the service is striving to bring better palliative care to patients across Scotland with some discussion around the areas of non-technical skills, “just in case” boxes, and the other tools that can be used to support these patients.


Key points from this podcast:
  • Remember to check the patients emergency care summary, key information summary.  This holds a wealth of useful information.
  • Don’t feel you need to make decisions on your own.  Speak to the patients wider team.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your patient directly about their wishes.
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About Paul

Paul is a Paramedic working for the Scottish Ambulance Service and is based in Glasgow.

In July 2019 Paul was appointed to Project Lead for a joint partnership project between the Scottish Ambulance Service and Macmillan.

The aim of this project was to pilot the requirements to improve our ability to deliver better End of Life Care for the patients attended to as part of normal practice.

The project workload has included development of education packages, clinical guidelines and joint working with various Health Boards and palliative care interest groups.

Paul looks forward to further developing the project nationally with a particular interest on how technology can be used to support both patients and clinicians.

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