Richard Lyon – Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Richard Lyon - Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Richard LyonIn this podcast Professor Lyon discusses Traumatic Cardiac Arrest; he looks at the rationale of the different management needed to medical cardiac arrest and talks through the practical application of the HOT algorithm, which he developed with colleagues to provide an effective tool for the management of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest.


Key points from this podcast:
  • Do not assume the patient is in Traumatic Cardiac arrest (TCA)! When you hear that this is a TCA call, think this is highly likely to be a critically ill person that is going to need my intervention and go into that case positively thinking that you are going to create a survivor.
  • Know the HOTT algorithm, know it well, know it inside out, practice it and stick to addressing the HOTT reversible causes quickly, simultaneously, as rapidly and effectively as you can.
  • Consider the possibility that the cardiac arrest is of a medical origin with 10% of all TCA cases having a medical cause and don’t forget to check that they are not in VF and might just need a shock to achieve Return Of Spontaneous Circulation
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About Richard

Professor Lyon is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, HEMS Consultant and Director of Research for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

Prof Lyon has an established research portfolio in pre-hospital resuscitation, trauma care and emergency medicine with an extensive publication record.

He has won numerous international awards including the top research award from the European Resuscitation Council. Prof Lyon was a lead doctor for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium and takes leading role in Event Medicine.

He is an active member of the UK International Search & Rescue Team and has previous experience in the British Armed Forces. Prof Lyon is a current member of the Resuscitation Council (UK) Executive Committee and author of several international pre-hospital guidelines.

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