David Lauritsen – Role of the Scottish Fire And Rescue Service

David Lauritsen - Role of the Scottish Fire And Rescue Service
David Lauritsen wears multiple hats living in a very rural community, in this podcast, he chats through the skills, communication strategies, teamwork and other aspects of the management of patients involved in a road traffic collision.


Top 3 Points from this podcast:
  • If a Firefighter offers to do a removal from the car to create space and uses jargon that you don’t understand, ask for a time scale for the job, there are many terms such as B-post removal, roof flap, or dashboard roll we might not be sure of, but everyone knows 3-4 minutes.
  • There are usually more than one appliance on scene at RTC’s, if manpower allows, ask one of the fire services to provide inline stabilisation and to continually talk to the casualty. They are great at knowing what’s going on and reassuring the patient prior to loud noises like metal being cut or glass breaking.
  • Try to take a minute to discuss plans for the deteriorating patient, if everyone knows the game plan they all work towards the same goal.
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About David

David works in a remote and very beautiful area in the North of Scotland and wears a number of hats in his community.  He has been a member of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service team for 22 years and has also worked for The Scottish Ambulance Service for 10 years, 5 of these as a paramedic.  As well as being a married father of 2 David also volunteers as a BASICS responder in his spare time.


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