Potential dangers of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why

We have been asked by Dr Alys Cole-King to share the following information. Please feel free to copy and share wherever you deem suitable.

We would be very grateful for any assistance you can provide in sharing the information in the press release and 60 second YouTube clip about 13 Reasons Why.

This show is potentially harmful to viewers in that it is overly sensationalist, ignores all the expert advice that was provided to the programme makers, glamorises suicide, suggests that suicide is a plausible solution to life’s problems and portrays suicide as a means of gaining peer respect – it does not accurately portray the common factors that underlie suicide in young people.

This programme has undoubtedly been ‘binge watched’ by millions of teenagers around the world. It therefore vital that we can share accurate information so that all the viewers, especially vulnerable young people, know that suicide is preventable with early identification, the right support and treatment, hope and the removal of access to means. The adults around them also need to know how to talk about suicide to the young people they care about.

This is the press release and the 60 second clip http://www.wales.nhs.uk/sitesplus/861/news/45198