The Portfolio Project has launched!

The first event of the new Portfolio Project took place in Mull with resounding success.

The new Portfolio system for remote and rural practitioners aims to provide bespoke training for participants by identifying their needs and the needs of individual health boards. The first area chosen to deliver this new and innovative approach to training was Mull, and earlier this month our best and brightest instructors set sail for the island.

The event in Mull took place over 4 separate skills days and was open to all registrants of the Portfolio Project in the local area. The skills days chosen for Mull were based on popular demand and participants booked their place on each skills day in advance – some even attended all four skills days!

Cardiac, Trauma, the Deteriorating Patient and Maternity and Neonatal Emergencies were the skills days delivered on Mull and the first of the Portfolio Project. These individual courses are complimented with online pre-course material accessed through our E-learning website. All registrants of the Portfolio Project have access to this material and upon completion of a skills day (and after submission of feedback) they are awarded a badge which can be viewed on their Portfolio page.

The participants on Mull coped very well with the challenges of a new course format and embraced the resources of the Mobile Skills Unit (MSU) which was provided for use on the Portfolio event by NES. The MSU provides a dedicated space with appropriate equipment for instructors to deliver a skills day and will be a critical tool in future Portfolio events.

Despite a few grey clouds the weather held and permitted the instructors to arrange a few outdoor simulations. The skills days on the Portfolio Project provide the instructors with smaller groups of participants to work with compared to our other courses. More time gets spent with each individual and this is proving to be beneficial to both instructor and participant.

Overall, the event on Mull was a success and we would like to thank especially Helene Marshall for organising and delivering the Maternity and Neonatal skills day. Thanks also go out to the participants on the skills day as well as to all those who helped and provided support at the event

We received a lot of vital feedback from the participants on Mull and this will go towards shaping our future skills day on the Portfolio Project. One of the most important objectives of the project is to provide training that meets the needs of the practitioner and we hope to achieve this through communication and feedback, and continual improvement of our skills days.

Here are some of the comments made with regards to the Portfolio event on Mull:

“Extremely useful few days and I came away feeling much more confident about dealing with emergencies.”

“The maternity videos were very informative and helped consolidate the practical sessions with the models.”

“The teachers were very engaging and approachable, they made the days enjoyable and had a good range of different backgrounds and were able to incorporate relevant past experiences to enhance the day.”

BASICS Scotland will next be in Huntly to deliver more Portfolio Project skills days to the Grampian region!