Remote Cricothyroidotomy Training

Attention Sandpiper Bag Holders

Do you still have a Mini-trach 2 in your Sandpiper Bag. If so you’ve probably had it for a while and it may be out of date. Also, the Mini-trach 2 is no longer our recommended method for surgical airway. Don’t worry help is at hand.

Live internet based Cricothyroidotomy training is now available to
Sandpiper Bag holders wishing to switch to the Portex Emergency Cricothyroidotomy Kit and refresh their skills.

This training is provided "Free of Charge" to all Sandpiper Bag holders!


It’s probably a while since you did some surgical airway training.

Perhaps on your last BASICS course?

BASICS Scotland have introduced a new way to refresh your skills with remote internet based instructor led skills training.

Using methods we have developed in providing Remote Skills Training Courses we have put together these training sessions to make it possible for Sandpiper Bag holders who have previously had training on a face-to-face course to practice their technique in carrying out a Cricothyroidotomy procedure.

Traditionally this skill was taught on courses using an animal model which comprised of a sheeps larynx and pig skin. Because of the materials used to teach this skill it wasn't viable for us to send out training kits. To solve this problem, we at BASICS Scotland have now developed and built our own surgical airways training model which you can easily practice your skills on Emergency Surgical Cricothyroidotomy.

Features of the trainer are:


Anatomically accurate with ridged pipe insert to simulate Trachea


Hole over Cricothyroid space which is covered by surgical tape to simulate perforating the Cricothyroid membrane


Reusable silicon "skin" which can be adjusted to allow multiple attempts


Inflatable bag attached to simulate airway is inserted correctly

The training model facilitates emergency Cricothyroidotomyy tube placement and is reusable allowing the student repeated practices.

Used in conjunction with The Portex Emergency Cricothyroidotomy Kit the trainer allows the BASICS Sandpiper bag responder to practice this tricky surgical airway procedure in the safety of their own home or work environment with a suitable internet connection.

All of the equipment you require to practice this skill is provided by BASICS Scotland.

cric_pod_webIncluded in the training kit are:The Trainer
A Cricothyroidotomy kit to practice with
Bag / valve / mask
Catheter mount
Comprehensive instruction and guidance booklet
HD Webcam and tripodAll shipped within a secure crate

And if you haven't been supplied with one already, a new portex Blue Line Ultra Tracheostomy Kit for Emergency Surgical Cricothyroidotomy is also included in the box for you to add to your Sandpiper bag once training has been completed.

Full IT support provided by BASICS Scotland is available throughout the process.

So why not set aside an hour? 

Sign up to refresh your surgical airway skills training now by calling the BASICS Scotland office on 01764 663 671 or email