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Paediatric Tele-education – Starts 14th January 2022

Course cost: £150 for non-members / £135 for BASICS Scotland members

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This is an online course aimed at emergency medicine professionals and will consist of 9 topic areas and 3 live case study discussions in Adult emergency care over a 9 week period. A new lesson is released every week and each weekly lesson will contain a pre-recorded presentation by our speciality doctor in emergency medicine Karyn Webster. Everyone is encouraged to attend the live case study discussion sessions as it will be your opportunity to interact with Karyn, ask questions, and submit your own case studies for discussion in relation to topics from the previous lessons.

The pre-recorded presentations are available on our e-learning site, along with useful resources such as documentation, website links and a weekly quiz. Each student will gain access to the e-learning site as the course commences. Lessons will be released weekly through the BASICS Scotland E-learning site and participants will be notified through email when new content is available to view. Live sessions will be delivered through internet-based video conferencing and instructions for getting this set up will be provided.

Topics covered and release dates

  • 14/01 – Asthma
  • 21/01 – LRTI – Bronchiolitis – Pertusis – Viral Illness
  • 28/01 – Croup – Epiglotitis – Sore Throats
  • 03/02 – Case Study Discussion (Live Session) – 7-8 PM GMT
  • 04/02 – Child with Fever & Gastroenteritis
  • 11/02 – BREAK
  • 18/03 – Spotting the Sick Child
  • 25/03 – Skin Conditions & Anaphylaxis
  • 03/04 – Case Study Discussion (Live Session) – 7-8 PM GMT
  • 04/04 – Introduction to Diabetes & Seizures in Children
  • 11/04 – Paediatric Head Injury
  • 18/04 – Pre-hospital Paediatric Pain Relief
  • 24/04 – Case Study Discussion (Live Session) 7-8 PM GMT



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